ETSY digital product ideas for Valentines Day

Maximize your profits this Valentine's Day as an Etsy seller with these top-ranking digital product ideas. Learn how to create unique, in-demand gifts while standing out from the competition and growing your customer base.
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Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to add some sweetness—and a little extra cash—to your business! With the right digital products, you can cash in on the romantic holiday and make this February an extra profitable month.

Here are five eCommerce ideas that you can create for Valentine’s Day and make a profit—no matter what your level of experience or effort.

Valentine’s Day Letter & Poem Writing Services

Creating personal love letters and poems has never been easier with this digital product idea. All you have to do is write the letter or poem with a personalize touch and you’ll be ready to go. Plus, you’ll be able to set your own prices and make a tidy profit, while providing a unique service to your customers.

  • Price: $50 – $100
  • Profit Excluding Etsy
  • Fees: $25 – $75
  • Effort Level: Moderate
  • Experience Needed: Writing & Poetry

Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

Put together curated digital gift baskets for your customers to give to the ones they love. Include products that speak to the individual, and customize the gift basket to make it unique and special.

  • Price: $50 – $150
  • Profit Excluding Etsy Fees: $30 – $125
  • Effort Level: Moderate
  • Experience Needed: Design & Curating Gifting Experience

Custom Valentine’s Day Postcards & Greeting Cards

Whether you create them as printable PDFs or on actual card stock, custom Valentine’s Day postcards and greeting cards are a great option for digital designers. All you need is a few templates and images to get started.

  • Price: $2 – $10
  • Profit Excluding Etsy Fees: $1 – $7
  • Effort Level: Low
  • Experience Needed: Digital Design

Digital Scrapbooking

Offer digital scrapbooking services for people who want to document their love stories in a special way. Provide templates for people to customize, or let them create the whole scrapbook from scratch.

  • Price: $50 – $150
  • Profit Excluding Etsy Fees: $25 – $125
  • Effort Level: Moderate
  • Experience Needed: Design & Digital Scrapbooking

Personalized Engraved Awards

Technology has made it easier than ever to create personalized awards for special ones. Engrave experience memories or even accomplishments in a custom awards that make a great Valentine’s Day gift.

  • Price: $50 – $200
  • Profit Excluding Etsy Fees: $25 – $175
  • Effort Level: High
  • Experience Needed: Engraving & Design

Etsy digital product ideas for Valentine’s Day can be a great way to generate profits this February.

With the right product, an engaging hook, and the necessary effort, anyone can start their own successful Valentine’s Day-themed digital product business with minimal prior experience.

With the potential for high profits excluding Etsy fees, this is an opportunity that entrepreneurs should not disregard.

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