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Learn All The Skills You Need To Grow Your Business Consistently & Explosively Without Overwhelm, Burnout And Failure Cycles.​


For every new customer you refer to Hold The Throne

Build a profitable empire that you love

To build and scale your own empire, follow these steps:

reach your goalsYour business won’t grow

You’ll wonder if you’re reaching your potential

reach your goals

As an expert in explosive growth, together we create a breakdown of how to smash your targets, quickly.

plan for success

Learn and deploy step by step strategic and profitable marketing strategy on the platform(s) most suited for your business.

generate leads

Understand exactly how to generate leads and generate profits without loosing money on ad spend

You’ll wonder if you’re reaching your potential

Your business won’t grow

You'll miss out on living your passion

Your business won't launch

You can not scale from small biz to large business

You keep trying and failing in business

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Easily learn how create unlimited amounts of success, get the things you want and live in a state of financial freedom providing security for you and your loved ones without hustling and struggling.


Create powerful energetic shifts that will enable you to become one with your desires and environment so you no longer need to chase after the things you want instead they come to you!

CONVERT MORE CLIENTS. grow your business

Get unlimited access to over 200+ templates to help you grow including proven tactics, strategies, checklists, worksheets, and sales tool library to convert more prospects into instantly-paying, high-Average Cart Value, High Lifetime Value clients.


Never feel lost in the forest with no direction. You are supported 24/7 through your journey with your coach at your side.


Each day, know that you are a Powerful Creator and everything you want is coming to you with the support and help of your New Mentors.


Sometimes the best thing you can do for your business is to get away from it for a bit. I have traveled to over 100+ countries and built relationships with the best hotels and resorts worldwide. Members get access to events in exclusive locations with special guests twice a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are only charged once. This is a one time payment with unlimited access to your purchased course.

In theory you probably could, and as a keen learner I am an advocates for continuiously learning online and implementing new strategies (as long as they teach it properly!) however to learn all the information in a structured way, and all the toolkit and materials for free, would be really hard and would take hours of piecing bits of information together. Also, most of the information thats readily available is on the internet does not teach you personally or directly or ensure that you are understanding and doing everything correctly. Companies and agencies charge in the high five figures for this, with medicore results.. just saying!

Unlimited access to all purchased courses, whenever you want.
Unlimited access to different course units, lessons, informational text, and additional resources.
Access to the exclusive course community where you can share experiences with the teacher and other students.

We will issue you a no hassle refund anytime before 30 days if you have not watched your lessons or downloaded any templates. 

All templates valued at $7,399.99 are included in the membership. Copyright free.

When  you sign up you will receive instant access to your course and will be able to start learning immediately. 

There is no longer a free trial option due to the amount of sign ups we receive. However, feel free to watch the preview lessons or head over to Hold The Throne socials.

We’ll charge you in US$. The amount may vary depending on your bank’s exchange rate. Prices of HTT products are subject to change. If you have products in your cart you’ll see each product’s most recent price. Discount codes aren’t cumulative and don’t apply together with other special promotions unless otherwise indicated. For 2×1 promos, we’ll apply the discount towards the course with the lower price.
It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie without a business AT ALL or if you have a business already and need to give it professional branding.
With a portfolio of over 15 businesses I have real-world experience from running successful businesses in a variety of sectors, within the service sector, B2B and e-commerce. With 8 years of experience I’ve taught at universities and in over 100 schools worldwide. Holding your hand throughout the entire process will really teach you the how to, so that you can repeate the process yourself. To my knowledge, no other agency or company, let alone INDIVIDUAL can do it all. Which is something that I pride myself in – being a powerful business women, a marketing bully, and also fiercely tech savvy and certified on all platforms.
Yes. I’m really passionate about empowering entire teams with the HOLD THE THRONE process. If 5 or more people at your company would like to be mentored and trained, then get in touch on whatsapp and we can tell you more about our special team pricing and certification.


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